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The Captain will chart your island itinerary around your personal preferences. Arrangements for all special tours, or other activities will be made as you wish.

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My name is Shane Toms, and I am the Captain of Second Wind. I’ve been captaining boats since as long as I can remember and my parents have the photographic evidence to embarrass me with. I began my ‘career’ of ‘captaining’ boats on a 21ft Carolina Skiff; which, only made since as I lived on the coast of North Carolina. I took up sailing around age 10 and by age 16 I had acquired quite the reputation in the sailing community having become one of the youngest sailors to win the Helmold trophy (although last year’s winner was a 12 year old, so read on with a grain of salt).
I went on to North Carolina State University to become the Captain of the sailing team, where I also majored in Biological Oceanography, Biological Science, and Zoology. During my summers I returned home to the coast to work for the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores where I was lucky enough to meet my now fiancé, Alyssa. As it turned out she was also working on a Biological Oceanography degree from NC State, but not to be outdone by me, she went on to acquire an additional degree in Marine Fisheries and Ecology. After graduation, we decided, with the help of some liquid courage, to move to St. Thomas.
Once moving down here I realized that captaining boats was something that I truly enjoyed doing, so I studied up and became a USCG 100 ton master captain in order to captain yachts the size of Second Wind. I lucked into my current job in 2016 where I have been ever since. In 2017 St. Thomas was hit by two Category 5 Hurricanes, Irma being the most powerful hurricane in recorded history, with winds hitting 255mph.
The recovery has been long and trying, but I’m happy to be back at the helm of Second Wind. In my free time, I’m also a SCUBA Instructor who likes to drone on and on about the beautiful environment we live and dive in. I like to indulge in additional water sports like wakeboarding, kite surfing, and regular surfing; although, after having broken a few ribs kite surfing a few years back I now mainly stick to diving and relaxing on the boat.

SecondWind Charters

Your Chef

My name is Alyssa and I am the chef on Second Wind. I am originally from Raleigh, NC but moved to St. Thomas with my fiancé (our Second Wind captain, Shane) after we graduated from NC State University in 2016. I studied Marine Biology in school and the ocean has always been my passion, but cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. My love of cooking and baking started at a young age as I grew up in a very big family of Germans and Italians and eating is what we do best! Every holiday of my childhood was spent in the kitchen with my grandmothers learning our special family recipes. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and one of my favorite experiences has been the cooking classes I took at the base of a volcano in Sicily.
You’ll notice our menu on Second Wind boasts a few Italian dishes and they are made with fresh herbs picked from my personal garden to add the authentic Italian touch I love so much. Food brings people together and sometimes the best memories come from sharing a meal with loved ones, which is why I make each meal on Second Wind as if I were sharing with my own family. What is my favorite food you ask? That’s easy- DESSERTS. I have a major sweet-tooth so you can always count on me to have extra sweets on board for charters. Cookies, cakes, ice cream you name it, I don’t discriminate. My favorite cuisine however would have to be Thai food because I love all things spicy! In addition to cooking, I am an avid SCUBA diver. As I mentioned before, I’m happiest being in, on or around the ocean.
If I could, I would spend more time underwater than on land (can you say mermaid?) I did my undergraduate research on sea turtles while spending a few months in the remote jungle of Costa Rica and they are by far my favorite ocean-dwelling creature. I also spent time during college as an education intern at the North Carolina Aquarium where I was able to educate people on the ocean environment and conservation of its habitats. I love sharing my passion of the ocean with people and I’m full of fun facts about the St. Thomas marine life, so If you are curious ask away! Otherwise, just sit back, relax and sip on the rum-punch we are so famous for 😊

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